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Celebrating All Year Round

It’s that time of year again! We’re winding down for Christmas after a year of designing, finalising, proofing, manufacturing and perfecting custom trophies. And you certainly gave us a lot to celebrate.

In 2023, Gaudio continued our journey of innovation and creativity, working with a myriad of events on a whole host of new designs, for endless inspirtation on the Gallery.

Our 3D printing capabilities launched this year, with exciting new awards including the Murray Walker award and the European Rally Championship Awards.

Gaudio Shop opened its doors, offering a new range of premium off-the-shelf trophies with a super quick turnaround and online personalisation.

BBC Gloucestershire came to visit us to celebrate the launch of the new BRIT Billion Award, getting a closer look at how we manufacture each special trophy for stars of the music industry.

We also made time to communicate more about our sustainable award manufacture to you as we try and make the events industry a little bit more eco-friendly every day. Whether that was with recycled trophies, manufacturing efficiency or energy management, you helped us embrace a new way of working.

Closure Dates 2023

We’re taking a break over the festive period. We will not be processing orders or responding to emails from:

22/12/2023 – 02/01/2024

Any communication sent within this timeframe will be responded to as soon as possible after we reopen.

If you’re itching to get ahead in 2024 and want to send us an enquiry, you can still do so! Press the ‘Submit Your Enquiry’ button above, or ‘Contact Us’ below.

Thank you for working with us in 2023, and we look forward to creating more exciting custom awards with you all in 2024!

Celebrating in 2024?

Get custom awards tailored to suit your brief, brand and budget


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