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The Murray Walker Award

A staple in households not just up and down the UK, but around the world; the voice of Murray Walker is one recognised by thousands, and synonymous with motorsport. The Formula 1 and Grand Prix legend led an immense 23 year run as a full-time commentator, sharing some of the sports most hair-raising moments.

The Murray Walker Award, a new accolade by Motorsport UK, is created in tribute to its namesake and designed in the shape of the classic commentators microphone. The award recognises ‘outstanding excellence in broadcast journalism‘. Presented at the annual Night of Champions, it stands as a highlight amongst a star-studded evening of industry greats, celebrating lifetime achievements, young journalists, photographers, and racing champions.

Custom 3D-Printed Trophy Design

The design process begins with a brief. Murray Walker was a titan of motorsport commentary, often photographed with his iconic microphone, which was the starting point for the Gaudio team.

The 3D design came together in-house. We have an in-house design team that crafted the design from scratch, careful to include intricate details in the 3D model. This included the Motorsport UK logo, and the name of the award. Built into the body of the trophy and fully incorporated into the 3D print, every aspect is completely custom, resulting in a meaningful symbol to present to a lucky winner on the night.

The Finished 3D-Printed Award

The Murray Walker Award embodies the simple tool that projected a beloved voice to thousands of fans across the globe. The piece is nickel plated for a super shiny mirror finish, and mounted on a solid aluminium base.

A 3D printer isn’t too dissimilar to the type of printer you might find in your home or office, but instead of printing with ink, it prints with resin. The resin is built in layers to create intricate designs that we use to manufacture exquisite bespoke awards.

The silver body of the award stands out against the base, which is anodised to achieve a rich, hard-wearing black finish. It’s complete with an engraved name plate to honour the well-deserved winner.

The final result is a spectacular 3D-printed trophy. Custom awards come in many shapes and sizes, and 3D printing offers near infinite possibilities.

How do you order a Custom 3D-Printed Trophy?

Even with complex designs, the process of creating and ordering a custom 3D trophy is easy, with just 5 simple steps:

Enquiry and Design

Knowing where to start with a brief can be difficult, especially if you’ve never ordered a bespoke award before. Whether you have a hand-drawn doodle or a complete set of brand guidelines, our team will guide you through the process. Once the brief is established, the creative team get to work on designs.

Receive Quote

You’ll receive a computer-generated 3D render with each quote, so you can get an idea of what the finished award will look like. The quote outlines the size, materials, and additional details on your custom trophy.

Place Order

Manufacture begins! For a 3D-printed trophy, this means we’ve locked in the shape and form of the design, and it’s ready to be printed, finished, assembled, and personalised.

Review Proof

if you’ve got winners’ names being added as additional detail, these are reviewed after the order but before we begin the final stage of personalisation, so you get the opportunity double, triple, and quadruple check every name and every sponsor logo.


And that’s it! Your award is triple-packed extra snug and extra secure, before being posted either directly to you, your venue, or your winner.

Celebrating Industry Legends

Designed and manufactured to be treasured for years to come, it was an honour to create a bespoke trophy that plays a small part in remembering Murray Walker’s remarkable contribution to motorsport. The award not only honours the great Murray Walker, but the ongoing lifetime work of other industry legends that are recognised and celebrated. The inaugural accolade was presented to lifelong friend and colleague of Murray Walker, Martin Brundle.

If you’re looking to celebrate at your next event with a 3D-printed custom trophy, our team are on hand to help Get in touch below, or press ‘Start Your Enquiry’ to send us your requirements.


Designed and manufactured in-house to suit your brief, brand, and budget.


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