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Custom 3D Printed Awards: Forward-Thinking Designs

A closer look at how the Gaudio team use 3D printed components on bespoke awards.

3D Printed Trophies: A Closer Look

3D printing is now in-house at Gaudio! We’re excited to share a concept trophy to show you how 3D printed elements can be integrated into designs, enhancing and embracing other materials and finishing methods.

Utilising 3D printed trophy components means that the print can stand alone, front and centre, or be combined with other materials.

For example, the ultra-detailed European Rally Championship Award design incorporated a specific tire tread. Additionally, the Murray Walker trophy featured the iconic microphone to honour a legend.

In some cases, however, our in-house team like to combine materials, manufacturing methods and finishing options. The Coca Cola Excellence Awards have a highly detailed 3D-printed label that sits on a solid metal Coca Cola bottle.

For these trophies, we’ve combined a beautiful light oak with a 3D printed geometric surface. It gives a classic wooden trophy a contemporary and tactile addition.

3D Award Printing In-House at Gaudio

Once a component is printed, it needs to be finished. This happens in stages at our production facility in Gloucestershire.

We begin with cleaning and sanding the resin print. This removes any nicks and grooves from support structures, and smooths the surface. Having a clean and smooth surface is important for the next step – this is where we add colour!

Sometimes the design might deliberately choose to leave the printed component in its original grey colour for an industrial vibe. In many instances, our designers use 3D printed parts for trophies that embrace colour or a more traditional finish. For these, we can offer either paint or plating.

Plating is a classic finishing option that brings a winning shine. Over time it will age, capturing the legacy of a well-deserved trophy.

On these 3D printed trophies, we went with a classic gold, silver and bronze paint. Paint provides a glossy finish and is a premium option. For branded trophies, pantone-matched paint offers the ultimate in tailored trophy design, matching your event branding, website design and more.

Trophy Personalisation and Assembly

The final stage in creating this unique 3D printed trophy is the assembly. Assembled by hand, each component is quality-checked and final finishing touches are added.

The 3D-printed facia is inset into a piece of light oak, and each trophy is individually engraved. This trophy features winners’ names and a company logo, but with personalisation included we can engrave category titles, sponsor logos, or even additional graphics – the possibilities with bespoke design are endless.

Our wood trophies have a lightly lacquered surface, displaying the organic grain texture. Engraving showcases the natural variation in the wood, etching away the top layer and revealing more of the grain beneath.

The final piece is a 3D printed trophy that combines cutting-edge tech with traditional textures.

How long does it take to 3D print a trophy?

Gaudio Awards says that their lead times for 3D printing metal and acrylic awards are about four weeks, while sculptured awards take four to six weeks. They can usually help with faster options, but the options will be more limited.

Why a 3D Printed Trophy?

3D printing gives our design team the opportunity to create unusual shapes, specific figures and intricate details.

  • Creativity: Unmatched creativity, tailored to suit your event. Whether you’re looking for trophy to stir up social media with a dramatic silhouette, or an elegant design that’ll sit pride of place in any office, our expert team are ready to create the perfect award.
  • Prestige: 3D printed designs manufactured with the finest materials and finished by hand. For a ceremony that’ll stand-out.
  • Expert Manufacturing: We’ve got over 15 years’ experience in collaborating with brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes to create unique custom trophies. Our in-house design, manufacturing and customer service means the experience of creating a bespoke 3D printed trophy in time for your event is easier than ever.

Branded 3D Printed Awards

Get in touch with a member of the team to get event-ready with a free 3D trophy design


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