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3D Printed

Unforgettable 3D printed trophies are designed and manufactured in-house at Gaudio. The team use cutting-edge technology to create unique 3D design awards for businesses and events. Each 3D printed trophy offers countless possibilities, taking inspiration from lots of different places: your brand, an abstract idea, or even an existing 3D figure.
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Custom 3D Printed Awards

3D Printed Awards are perfect for recognising excellence in all its forms, whether that be creativity, strategy or perseverance. Distinctive shapes and styles are achievable through 3D modelling and printing, and every accolade is deserving of the premium feel and attention to detail a 3D printed trophy provides.


Express movement and momentum with dynamic curves, or explore new design avenues alongside bold logos and measured detail.


With a 3D printed trophy, your unique design can reflect the prestige of your event, the significance of the achievement, or even the theme of the award. Modelling technology lets us create everything from extra-large E-Sports trophies decorated with 3D characters, replicas of products incorporating brand new bespoke elements, or expressive abstract shapes that make exquisite display pieces.


To find out more about 3D printed trophies by Gaudio, and how we can help you get event-ready with a free design, get in touch and a member of the team will be on hand to help.


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