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Wooden Trophies for the OVO Energy Awards

Custom Wooden Trophies for OVO Energy

Organisations of all shapes and sizes are increasingly looking towards eco-friendly options for their business operations.

A custom wooden trophy is one way to make a meaningful impact on an events’ environmental credentials.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the OVO Energy Awards, designed and manufactured by Gaudio.

Our wood suppliers support sustainable forestry, conservation of resources and waste minimisation. In-house at Gaudio, we enforce a zero-to-landfill waste policy and energy management practices.

OVO Energy’s awards needed to feature the OVO Energy logo prominently, as well as winners’ details. The resulting design offered a simple wooden form made unique with a clever use of print.

Designing and Personalising Wooden Awards

A design that’s simple and bold, the OVO logo is a major feature of these bespoke awards. Winners were presented with solid light oak wooden tablets. These freestanding custom awards make for a sophisticated display piece in offices and homes.

Wooden trophies needn’t compromise on design. Branded elements can be implemented in a way that’s true to style, and consistent with what customers and employees know and recognise.

For these branded wooden trophies, our in-house team of expert craftspeople utilised colour-matched print. Print is a hugely versatile option, allowing for creative use of high-quality, long-lasting colour.

The OVO logo sits across the front of the award in an angled, cut off design. Negative space in the OVO logo displays the natural wood grain on the award, a suitably green accompaniment to the existing green print! Embracing the wooden textures as a part of the design is an excellent way to highlight not only the gorgeous organic features in the grain, but also the intent behind this sustainable design.

Each award is complete with a white print of the complete OVO logo, as well as the category title and winners’ names. Each one is uniquely personalised, to be proudly displayed on desks or in offices.

Sustainable Awards and Eco-Friendly Trophies

Tablets are just one option for responsibly manufactured trophies. Wooden trophies come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes, designed in-house with a computer-generated render before order.

Recycled acrylic awards can be printed and shaped for an ultra-modern look, and aluminium can be infinitely recycled. Whatever your design, the Gaudio team is on hand to help create awards worth winning.

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Ready to celebrate?

It’s never been easier to prioritise your organisations environmental goals. When organising an award ceremony, considering the manufacture of your trophies is a great place to start.
From design to delivery, our expert team are on hand to help guide you through our eco-friendly options.
Get in touch to find out more about eco-friendly wooden trophies and recycled trophies.

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