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Wolfson Economics Prize

Wolfson Economics Prize
Wolfson Economics Prize


The Wolfson Economics Prize is the second largest economics prize in the world after Nobel. The Wolfson Economics Prize is sponsored by Simon Wolfson, CEO of retailer, Next, in partnership with the think tank, Policy Exchange. With a prize of £250,000, there were over 120 entrants to the competition from seven countries who had to answer the question, ‘how can we pay for better, safer, more reliable roads in a way that is fair to road users and good for the economy and the environment?’


The competition entrants were shortlisted down to a final five, and the prize was won by Gergely Raccuja – a recent graduate and the youngest winner of the prize, which has just taken place for the third time. Gergely Raccuja’s submission looked at how to restore trust between motorists and politicians by removing vehicle excise duty and fuel duty, and replacing it with a simple cash-per-mile charge, which reflects road and environmental impacts. This would be managed by insurers, who already have the data and systems to support such a process, thereby reducing administration costs and privacy issues.


Gaudio was proud to design and manufacture the prestigious Wolfson Economics Prize. Awards were created for the four finalists with a different award for the winner. The finalists’ awards were freestanding circular, ‘sandwich’ awards, made of three layers. The back of the award was made of aluminium, with a layer of blue acrylic ‘sandwiched’ in the centre and a layer of clear acrylic to the front. The winner’s trophy was also a circular, free-standing ‘sandwich’ award with a thick layer of clear acrylic sandwiched between aluminium ‘halos’ with bevelled edges and inset blue acrylic.


Gaudio is always proud to manufacture awards for any event, and every award we create is designed to be perfectly in tune with customer requirements, branding, and budget constraints. To find out how Gaudio can design awards for your events, please contact us now on 01242 232383, email or fill in the ‘contact’ form on our website and one of our project managers will get back to you.


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