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Why don’t we charge for our designs?

Designing the Radio 1 Teen Awards
Designing the Radio 1 Teen Awards


We often hear great things from our clients impressed by the quality of our designs – and they’re completely free of charge. So what’s the catch? Why do we offer free designs? Well, in this case, there really is such a thing as a free lunch. Free designs, within 48 hours, no obligation.


This is a philosophy we have always believed in since day one. It was quite revolutionary at the time – clients were accustomed to paying for designs – but it made complete sense to us. We weren’t looking to make money from charging people for designs they didn’t like. We had more belief in our creativity than that.


Our mantra is simple; we will design you a trophy for your event, to fit your budget, brand and brief. If you don’t like any of the ideas we can try again, or you can walk away – no hard feelings!



Free designs can’t be as good as paid designs though?


Free options are nearly always worse than the premium paid for alternative right? Well this certainly isn’t the case at Gaudio Awards. Creative companies live and die on the strength of their designs, especially in our case as we only secure orders if clients love our ideas. For this reason, we have put creativity at the very core of our business and invested heavily to ensure that we are the best in the industry.


All of our designers are trained in Product Design at degree level, and then fully trained in SolidWorks 3D CAD software. But this is just the theory side, our designers are also fully versed in manufacturing techniques (a great advantage to having on-site manufacturing). Our vast experience means that we know what makes a great award, and what doesn’t. Bespoke awards and trophies is what we do. This means we have a huge advantage over design agencies who may design trophies that can’t be manufactured at a reasonable cost.



So is it a waste of money using a design agency?


Not necessarily. We work with a lot of design agencies either directly, or with clients who come to us with a design from an agency. We use the latest software to produce stunning 3D visuals – the same software design agencies use. You will have a personal project manager at Gaudio Awards who will look after your project from start to finish – the same as you would at an agency.


Where an agency may be able to offer more is on a wider scale. The agency may be branding your entire event, they may be responsible for your company branding, or they may dedicate months to your project – something that we wouldn’t necessarily be able to offer. We’re certainly not trying to put agencies out of work – some of our best designs have been in collaboration with creative agencies – but our free design service is a great first step before committing any money.



Ok, I’m convinced – how do I get my free designs?


Our process couldn’t be easier – fill out our online form or call our friendly team on 01242 232383 and we’ll get back to you (usually within 48 hours) with a range of designs and prices.


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