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What does the term, 'Bespoke Awards,' really mean?

Design Meeting
Design Meeting

Understanding ‘Bespoke Awards’ at Gaudio

When we talk about ‘bespoke awards’ at Gaudio, we mean awards that are individual, unique, and meticulously designed to meet the exact needs and branding of our customers. These awards are not just pieces; they are a reflection of the customer’s brand and the ethos of their event, tailored specifically for them.

Our Commitment to Quality and Customisation

All our awards are crafted at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Gloucestershire. Whether a customer needs a single award or several for a large event, each one undergoes the same detailed design process, ensuring consistent quality and personalization. Our facility is equipped to handle events of any size, with each award hand-built to ensure the highest standards of quality control expected from a bespoke awards manufacturer.

Our Design Process

The journey of every bespoke award begins with the customer’s initial inquiry, followed by comprehensive design meetings. These meetings are crucial—they occur daily and involve our design team, production managers, and account managers. This multidisciplinary team reviews every brief to devise award designs that align with the customer’s vision and budget.

Open Communication and Collaborative Expertise

We pride ourselves on maintaining an open communication structure. This approach is key in enabling us to deeply understand and fulfill the design preferences of our clients. While our qualified product designers are adept at crafting creative and visually stunning awards, including them alongside the production team in meetings ensures feasibility in manufacturing. This collaboration prevents the common industry pitfall where beautiful but unmanufacturable designs are proposed—like the memorable yet impractical design featuring a floating ball.

Our designers work diligently to develop a series of proposals for each customer, typically within 48 hours. Meanwhile, our account managers serve as the primary point of contact, ensuring seamless communication throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to design beautiful, high-quality awards that not only meet the customer’s brief but also stay on-brand and on-budget. Each bespoke award is more than just a trophy; it’s a testament to excellence and a beacon of the event it commemorates.

Get in Touch

Interested in making your next event truly memorable with a custom-designed award? Contact Gaudio today to explore how we can bring your vision to life. For more information or to start your design process:

  • Phone: 01242 232383
  • Email:
  • Contact Form: Visit our website and fill out the contact form.

Thank you for considering Gaudio for your bespoke awards. We look forward to crafting an award that perfectly symbolises the achievements it’s meant to honour.


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