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VR Awards Take Virtual Reality One Step Further

The 4th International VR Awards returned earlier this month, with a perhaps not unexpected twist on years previous. In a ceremony to celebrate the growth and success of an evolving industry –  one that’s had a particularly interesting year – the VR Awards had to go one step further, taking their awards online for a virtual reality experience.

The VR Awards are a recognisable design, with remarkable consistency across their event branding. Contemporary profiled acrylic, with an additional metal backing, the VR Awards strike quite the silhouette.

The award is freestanding. When we design freestanding awards, it means there’s no base. The ‘base’ of an award is something you see on a lot of traditional designs – cups, for example – and a lot of modern ones too. That being said, with in-house manufacturing changing as it does, there are options that stray from the classic and into contemporary.

For the VR Awards, the winners’ details are printed instead. The eye is drawn to each individual design, printed onto the profile. Each award, undoubtedly VR Awards and part of a set, are completely tailored to each winner.

The awards have additional metal detail on the back and front, with a shiny polished finish for a final professional flourish. The awards have remained the same since being manufactured by Gaudio, with just the winners’ print and the year changing with each iteration.

The VR Awards aren’t the only awards to benefit from a consistency in design. Approaching award design with consideration to the development of the awards, year-on-year, is something our design team often discuss with industry professionals, considering personalisation, potential for brand evolution, and budget. The MasterChef Award is an example of a familiar award that remains a symbol of the accumulated success of winners’ past and winners’ future.

For more information about personalised awards, and how Gaudio can provide support for your award ceremony, call us on 01242 232 383, email, or enquire online.


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