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Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Bespoke Award

Bespoke Award
Bespoke Award


Creating a Custom Trophy That Stands Out

Creating a well-branded bespoke award can significantly promote your event and become an iconic focal point for photographs and advertising. At Gaudio, we understand the impact a unique custom trophy can have. Our team of bespoke award experts has compiled essential tips to ensure your custom trophy is as memorable and effective as possible.


1. A Detailed Brief is Key

The foundation of a standout custom trophy is a comprehensive brief. The more information you provide, the better equipped we are to deliver a design that meets your vision. We encourage you to share as much as possible about your needs, including logos, budgets, event dates, website details, branding guidelines, sponsors, and visual inspirations such as pictures of awards you admire, printed programs, and invitations. This wealth of information helps us tailor a trophy that truly represents your event.


2. Utilise Our Free Design Service

Save on design agency fees by taking advantage of our in-house expertise. Whether you have a rough sketch on a napkin or a detailed drawing, our team of talented designers is ready to transform your ideas into reality. We utilize the latest design software to create stunning visuals that not only look impressive but are also feasible within your budget and timeline. This service is completely free and designed to make the custom trophy design process as smooth and accessible as possible.


3. Plan Ahead

While our typical lead times range from 4-6 weeks, we recommend starting the custom trophy design process at least three months in advance of your event. This allows ample time to perfect the design and ensure that every detail is executed to your satisfaction. Planning ahead also reduces the stress of last-minute rushes and ensures a smooth production process.


4. Embrace Originality

While it’s easy to draw inspiration from well-known trophies like the Oscars or the World Cup, true originality will make your event stand out. We encourage you to think outside the box and design a custom trophy that reflects the unique spirit and identity of your event. Originality not only sets your trophy apart but also enhances the overall branding of your event, making it memorable for all participants.


Contact Us to Get Started

Interested in creating a custom trophy that captures the essence of your event? Contact Gaudio today to learn more about our bespoke design services or to take advantage of our free design consultation. Our team is eager to help you create a trophy that not only awards achievements but also becomes a symbol of excellence for your brand.


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