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Ticketing Business of the Year Awards 2020

The Ticketing Business of the Year Awards are a perfect example of the benefits of bespoke manufacture.

Gaudio have designed and manufactured the Ticketing Business of the Year Awards previously, with a creative print element that made each piece interactive.

With custom production, award design has the opportunity for review year-on-year. Whether it’s brand, budget or brief changes, in-house design and manufacture allows for flexibility for clients as their events and brands evolve.

We’ve highlighted the benefits of acrylic before, and this is no exception. Graphics, logos, text or other branding elements aren’t confined to a specific print or engraving space. With each design crafted from the ground up, Gaudio manufacture some truly unique pieces.

Custom Designs are Just the Ticket

Similar to an acrylic tablet, these awards are solid acrylic and completely freestanding. Cut to match the outline of a ticket, a profiled shape is an effective way to further customise an award. As with acrylic tablets, profiled awards allow for personalised print, or may feature additional detail. You can see another example of this in the VR Awards, profiled to the shape of the VR Awards logo and featuring machined aluminium detail on the front and back of the award.

Made in two sizes, the Ticketing Business Awards utilise this to differentiate between different categories and award levels.

The print is colour-matched, so each award features the branding featured across social media, the event website, and other event communications. Each trophy is printed with a unique category title, and often bespoke awards are individually personalised with winners’ details.

The Ticketing Business of the Year Awards have a professional finish and are perfect for display, as a reminder of recipients’ achievements in their sector.

If you’d like to discuss your upcoming traditional, hybrid or virtual event, call us on 01242 232 383. Alternatively, email, or enquire online.


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