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Thr Burdett Nursing Awards

Custom acrylic trophies, manufactured in the UK at Gaudio

Custom Acrylic Trophies

Today we’re excited to share the Burdett Nursing Awards. These custom acrylic trophies boast a lively and vibrant design, featuring printed detail and layered acrylic.

The awards recognise nursing teams with a sustained commitment to providing high-quality care, covering a broad scope of categories. From Digital Health to Older People’s Nursing, these awards present accolades to well-deserved winners’ providing excellent care in challenging and ever-changing environments.

Our design team worked with the Burdett Nursing Awards team to manufacture these custom trophy designs at our workshop in the UK.

Unique Trophy Design

Acrylic trophies come in all shapes and sizes. One benefit of bespoke design and manufacture under one roof is the ability to consider each brief in the context of not what’s available on the shelf, but what’s possible for our expert craftspeople to create from scratch.

For the Burdett Nursing Awards, the logo is created by layering profiled acrylic. A custom print adds alternating pops of light and dark blue colour, with a white letter ‘B’ sitting front and center. The flared design sits on a single piece of circular clear acrylic, resulting in a crisp and clean design with plenty of additional space for the name of the awards.

The ‘Burdett Nursing Awards 2023’ is printed in a bold black print, perfect for display and easy to read on stage and in photos.

The Gaudio team work with a far-reaching range of events and industries, and custom acrylic and recycled acrylic trophies are a popular choice. The versatility of the acrylic combined with elements like engraving, mixed materials and laser-cut profiles means the possibilities are almost endless.

Celebrating with Healthcare Awards

The award sits on a sturdy aluminium base. We source high-quality aluminium from trusted suppliers to ensure each trophy has an exceptional finish. Solid aluminium provides a reassuring weight to each award, and provides additional space for detail.

These awards are presented to overall winners, with the wording engraved directly onto the surface of the base.  The base has a matte brush finish, so engraved details give a cohesive look with a subtle silver shine.

In many instances, you may not know the winners of your awards until the night. In that instance, we can advise on wording and detail for each trophy. Alternatively, if you know the lucky recipients of your awards prior to the ceremony, individual personalisation will be built into the design of your award. This means each trophy can be engraved, printed or otherwise manufactured with the winners’ names, category titles and sponsor logos you’d like to be included.

Looking to get event ready? Contact a member of the Gaudio team directly, and we’ll be happy to help. Whether you’re looking for a custom acrylic trophy like these Burdett Nursing Awards, or something a little bit different, we tailor design and manufacture to suit your brief, brand and budget.

Custom acrylic trophies, made in the UK

Bespoke awards designed to suit your brief, brand and budget.


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