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The Airport FAB Awards are taking off at Gaudio

FAB Awards
FAB Awards


The Airport FAB Awards have landed in Helsinki!

The Airport Food and Beverage awards feature a vibrant logo and prominent branding. Great graphics make for a dynamic focal point of any design.


Bespoke Awards are Taking Off


We have in-house polishing facilities, and achieved a polished finish for both the body and base of this award. A polished finish gives a professional feel, and a smooth and shiny surface.

To emphasise the logo, the profiled top sits with the outline. As a result, the trophy has a satisfying tactile element.



We also utilised our in-house UV printing facilities for the design on this award. UV-printing allows for colour-matched printing, which then dries instantly.


Our laser-engraver etched the sponsor details onto the base, including logos and fonts. To make each award a special keepsake to display, the winners’ personal details were engraved onto the top of the base.



Together with the event branding on the night, as well as the website and social media posts, these awards embodied the FAB awards brand.


Find out more about the award or plaque we can design and manufacture for you. Call us on 01242 232 383. Alternatively, email, or fill in the ‘contact‘ form on our website. One of our Project Managers will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Read even more about the FAB Awards here.


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