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Sustainable Awards Spotlight: AIC Media

Celebrating Investment Journalism

Journalism and media awards are at the cutting edge of a fast-paced industry, carving out a moment to celebrate the best in the business.

For the AIC Media Awards, Gaudio was tasked with creating suitably contemporary awards. These awards needed to consider environmental factors in the manufacture, but couldn’t loose sight of the distinct AIC brand.

The result is a set of custom wooden trophies with recycled acrylic details to signify the AIC brand.

Wooden Awards With Recycled Acrylic Detail

The AIC Media Awards are presented to winning journalists who work in educating advisors and private investors about investment companies.

Voted for by members of the Association of Investment Companies, managers, brokers and analysts, each trophy represents an accolade not just achieved, but achieved in a challenging market whilst remaining informative and engaging.

Categories include Best National Journalist, Best Freelance Journalist, and Best Broadcast Journalist.

These wooden awards have a modern split column design, where two asymmetrical pieces of light oak wood sit on either side of recycled acrylic.

Light oak acts as a beautiful natural canvas for bespoke design elements, including branded graphics and logos. The light texture and mixed tones provided by the visible grain makes each one completely unique, perfect for a personalised award.

The AIC logo and the word ‘winner’ is placed on the front face of the award, laser-cut out of recycled acrylic for an additional eco-friendly touch.

To complete the design, each piece is individually printed. Custom trophies are an embodiment of the thought and consideration of the judges, and the value of the work of those who have won. For recipients, they’re a reminder of their year, and a sign to keep doing what they’re doing, whether it’s innovating, researching, or educating.

Manufacturing Sustainable Awards

Sustainability is becoming a key talking point for events, but as we all know, it’s not always easy.

Planning an award ceremony involves spinning many plates and wearing more hats that you can count, so it can be difficult to even know where to begin when considering whether or not your suppliers are environmentally conscious.

Wooden trophies are an excellent place to start when it comes to sustainable custom awards. They look the part, with an array of design options available, and they are sourced from suppliers that use responsible forestry methods, reduce waste, and recycle where possible.

What else are we doing at Gaudio to consider sustainability?

  • Packaging: Our boxes are widely recyclable, and the bubble wrap that keeps your awards safe and sound in transit is recyclable at larger centres.
  • Zero-To-Landfill: All manufacturing offcuts are recycled or repurposed, and nothing goes to landfill.
  • Energy Policy: Our office and product spaces adhere to a strict energy management policy to avoid unnecessary energy usage. We regularly maintain machinery not only for safety, but to ensure they’re running as efficiently as possible.

Getting ready for your next event?

The AIC Media awards embrace the natural influence of wooden components, but maintain a contemporary look rather than a rustic one. For an up-to-the-minute industry, our team needed to create a set of awards that would make for beautiful display pieces, as well as reminders of journalistic achievement.

Whether you’re looking for wood trophies, or other sustainable awards, the design team is on hand to help you get started without stress. Get in touch today to create unique bespoke awards for your next event.

Wooden Awards, designed by Gaudio

Get in touch to start designing an award to suit your brief, brand, and budget.


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