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RAFA President’s Award

Posted on: March 1, 2017

RAFA (Royal Air Forces Association) is a membership organisation and charity founded to provide welfare support to existing and retired air force personnel and their families. Its history dates back to 1929 and it has had royal patronage since 1936. The association now has over 400 branches worldwide with over 65,000 members, and continues to seek out those in need of welfare help and support, providing services to help ease their suffering.

Gaudio was honoured to be chosen to design the RAFA President’s Award, which is awarded to the branch judged to have made the most outstanding achievement. The award was inspired by the Armed Forces Memorial -a statue of an eagle sat atop a globe, which is at Royal Air Forces Association Remembrance Garden in the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire. RAFA initially wanted a 3D model of the eagle on top of a globe, in the form of a perpetual trophy which could be awarded year after year. They needed something quite traditional and heavy, with enough space on the base to add additional name plaques each year. Unfortunately, timescales and budget didn’t allow for a 3-dimensional cast trophy so Gaudio’s designers worked with RAFA to adapt their logo into a two-dimensional representation of the statue.

The RAFA President’s Award is an eagle shape cut from aluminium, polished and engraved on both sides, sat at the top of a polished and engraved globe. This is fixed to the heavy wooden base which is capped with aluminium at the top and bottom, while the base itself is made up of the RAF circular, red, white and blue logo made from acrylic.

The RAFA President’s Award is a great example of how Gaudio works with its customers to produce awards which epitomise what they want to achieve, even if budget and timescales don’t allow for the creation of what they initially wanted. To find out how Gaudio can create awards for your event, please call us now on 01242 232383, email or fill in the ‘contact’ form on our website.

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