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Picture Perfect: The Exit 6 Awards

The Exit 6 International Film Festival, running since 2016, returned to Basingstoke this year as a hybrid event. Founded by a team with a passion for short film, the festival has evolved across a mixture of in-person and virtual events. Alongside screenings and discussion, the festival presents the annual Exit 6 Awards. This year, the awards featured 5 categories celebrating all things film, including Best Cinematography, Screenplay and Performance.

“The festival is a celebration of independent short film from around the world, providing a platform for filmmakers to showcase and discuss their work, directly connecting with the audience. It’s a film festival for both filmmaker and film-lovers.”

Now Showing: Personalised Acrylic Awards

The Exit 6 Awards are freestanding trophies with a simple, contemporary finish, and a great example of how a custom trophy can make an event one recipients will never forget.

Acrylic is a versatile material, and one we’ve used often in the past. It offers flexibility in design and has far-reaching manufacturing possibilities. It can be cut, shaped, printed, and layered. Acrylic awards are available as a recycled material, can be recycled, and are long-lasting and hard-wearing.

Clear acrylic is a canvas for colour, shape, or additional detail. The body of the award is profiled to outline the Exit 6 logo, offering a simple but effective way to make the awards completely unique.

Our design team utilised layering for the Exit 6 Awards, opting for individually laser-cut acrylic letters. Layering here offers tactile and visual interest, with a bright pop of colour that inevitably draws the eye.

Featured: Custom Trophies

Yellow acrylic gives the Best Film category a cohesive yet eye-catching design alternative to the rest of the awards, contrasting with the blue detail. Designs can be amended in lots of ways to differentiate between categories levels of achievement, or the event year. The Best Craft Butcher awards use different sizes for winners and runners up. Alternatively, the him awards use colour to differentiate between trophies, opting for a traditional silver and gold finish. The yellow and blue acrylic on the Exit 6 awards was chosen with the existing logo in mind, so the awards are part of the overall brand experience for entrants, recipients, and the audience.

These custom trophies are finished with printed personalisation. Each award is printed with the category name. Print can be colour-matched, and individually personalised to include category sponsor logos, winners’ names, or event graphics. A crisp, black print on the Exit 6 Awards is clear to read without detracting from the modern aesthetic.

The Exit 6 Awards showcase a tailored design. Bespoke trophy manufacture illustrates an extension of the event experience, promoting the brand and representing Exit 6 at the festival and beyond.

Whether you’re hosting a traditional, hybrid, or virtual award ceremony, Gaudio has resources available to deliver a solution to suit your needs.


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