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Perfectly Engineered: The Ground Engineering Awards

The Ground Engineering Awards gather geotechnical engineers and specialists for an evening of excitement and anticipation. The awards present 19 categories, recognizing strides made in everything from digital innovation to supplier technology. Whether an industry leader or a rising star, engineers, consultants and support staff at all stages of their careers gather to unveil the years top talent and acknowledge hard-working individuals.

Branded Trophies with custom print

Award ceremonies are events for networking and socialising, celebrating your colleagues, and the spirit of healthy competition. Often, annual award ceremonies are a showcase of successes in an industry, inspiring optimism for the year ahead. The Ground Engineering Awards saw a record year for entries in 2022, celebrating not just organisations, but projects and individuals that have excelled in a complex and vital industry.

Winners were presented with solid aluminium awards featuring a fun cut-out design. Orange dots mirror the backdrop on the event stage and the Ground Engineering logo. Each award, printed with the date, winners’ names and the category title, sits on a matching solid base with a complementary pop of orange. The print of the logo is colour-matched for the ultimate brand cohesion; from social media in the run up to the event, to the moment each trophy finds its place at the homes and offices of worthy winners.

Custom metal awards: Are they eco-friendly?

The International Aluminium Institute, representing the global primary aluminium industry, estimates that almost 75% of aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Metal is a hugely popular option for traditional style cups, as well as more contemporary designs, and it’s something we utilise in many of our awards.

For many, super shiny is a must-have when it comes to a trophy. It’s eye-catching, it’s impressive to display, and metal offers a high-end, premium look. Using aluminium means we can work with lots of versatile detailing and finishing options.

For the Ground Engineering Awards, this meant a brush, soft matte finish with a slight surface texture. Each piece is finished in-house and quality checked by our expert team before assembly. The top and base blend seamlessly with the same finish.

Eye-catching Industry Awards

Custom silver trophies come in many forms, and the Ground Engineering Awards are an excellent example of how a logo can be mirrored in the physical shape of an award. Combining acrylic and aluminium means the awards are on-brand with a premium look and feel, and the perfect celebration of 2022’s winners.

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