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National Venue Awards 2018

The National Venue Awards raised the roof earlier this month, with a creative set of awards designed and manufactured at Gaudio.

The NVA’s are ‘a celebration of the diversity and versatility displayed in the UK venues sector’. From museum to stadiums, the awards recognise academic venues, catering venues, and everything in between.


Building Better Awards for the National Venue Awards


At Gaudio, we’re fans of a cohesive set of awards. Corresponding awards can tie together a ceremony, embodying the atmosphere of the event. As a tangible aspect of the branding, it’s vital that these take-home items are in line with the calibre of the event. A professional and exciting trophy for recipients to take home as a keepsake following the event, and as a reminder of their own achievements.


An award collection celebrates more. In reality, anyone could win. In a lot of cases, being shortlisted as a finalist is an achievement in an of itself. The bar has never been higher, particularly in the events industry, and it can seem an impossible task to single out anyone as the best.


These tablets are a great example of using versatile materials in an interesting way. First place received a metal tablet with a premium brushed finish, and runners-up received a detailed acrylic tablet. Not only can we use different sizes to differentiate, we also use metallic acrylics to make each award pop. The bright NVA’s logo is front and centre on raised acrylic, with colour-matched printing. As a result, the branding brings everything together for an exceptional and unique award.



Choosing a first, second, and third place can better represent the amazing range displayed in an industry. For these venues, it’s clear that they’re all deserving of a bespoke piece that celebrates their achievement.


It’s never too early to enquire about a free design. For more information about the award or plaque Gaudio can create for you, call us at 01242 232 383. Alternatively, send us an email at, or fill in the ‘contact‘ form on our website, and one of our Project Managers will be in touch to discuss your requirements.


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