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New Civil Engineer TechFest Awards: Modern Acrylic Awards for the Tech Industry

Today we’re sharing custom acrylic awards, created for New Civil Engineer’s Techfest. The event gathers civil engineers to explore the latest in engineering technology.

TechFest is an opportunity to ‘propel the industry forward through advancements in digital and materials engineering‘.

These bespoke trophies needed to capture a moment in time in a fast-paced industry. Each award recognises those cutting-edge technologies and the people behind them, taking a moment to stop and reward countless hours of hard work and innovation.

Acrylic Awards: Contemporary and Colourful

The TechFest brand is dynamic and ultra-modern, with sharp lines and pops of pink, blue, and purple.  These bright, geometric designs featured in social media posts, the website, and in-person graphics at the event. Branding has a huge impact on the tone of an event, and TechFest is an undeniably exciting occasion. This inspiring and optimistic palette is perfect for an industry combining creativity and technology in new and exciting ways.

Our in-house team utilised lots of these lively elements to design a set of bespoke acrylic awards.

Colour-matched print offers seamless branding. For the TechFest Awards, the logo makes a statement, front and centre on a backdrop of vivid pink, blue, and purple.

Acrylic is a very versatile material and we used it here not only as a canvas for crystal clear print, but also for it’s ability to be cut and shaped.

A hexagonal profile mirrors the TechFest logo and sits on a solid metal base, machined to match the top of the award. A brushed surface finish on the aluminium provides a professional, matte look and feel, with space for personalisation. The category title, winning organisations name and additional project information is engraved onto the front face, making each award completely unique.

Design Potential With Acrylic

There was plenty to celebrate at TechFest, with 15 categories assessed by over 40 industry judges.

Acrylic awards are a superb option to showcase colour and shape in a powerful way.  Personalisation makes each piece a lasting reminder of recipients well-earned achievements.

If you’re looking for technology awards or branded industry trophies, our in-house design team can create an acrylic award that suits your brief, brand, and budget.

Looking for branded trophies?

Get ready for your next event with acrylic awards to suit your brief, brand, and budget.


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