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The Maternity Unit Marvels Awards Celebrate Safety & Care

Recognising exceptional maternity care with contemporary custom plaques

UK Maternity Awards Celebrated with Custom Plaques

The UK Maternity Unit Marvels Awards 2023, presented by Baby Lifeline, celebrate the exceptional care provided by maternity and neonatal teams across the UK. Families nominated teams who played crucial roles during their maternity journeys, acknowledging their expertise and dedication. The awards culminated in a winners’ week with celebrations at Center Parcs for families, a private reception for healthcare professionals at 11 Downing Street, and an awards dinner at The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Winners were selected by a distinguished judging panel, with awards given both regionally and nationally, including a special Community Award.

The team at Gaudio were honoured to work with the UK MUM Awards to create a set of custom plaques for well-deserved winners.

The Art of Designing a Custom Plaque

Designing a custom plaque involves a meticulous and creative process that begins with the initial concept. The plaque’s design needs to ensure the final product meets the client’s specific needs and intentions.

Once the concept is agreed upon, our in-house design team create digital mock-ups to visualize the plaque. The design includes textual content, logos, and any graphic elements that are to be featured on the plaque.

Material selection is critical, and for this plaque, aluminium was chosen for its durability, light weight, and modern aesthetic. The aluminium undergoes a brushing process which gives it a subtly textured, matte finish that both looks elegant and minimizes the appearance of fingerprints and smudges. Aluminium is also cut and shaped in-house, offering options like these custom circular plaques.

The UV printing process allows for the print of the design directly onto the metal with a high level of detail and a vibrant colour-matched palette. This method is also highly durable and resistant to fading over time.

For the fixings, a satin finish is selected to complement the brushed aluminium, providing a sleek and professional appearance without distracting from the printed design.

Award-Winning Custom Plaques: Elegance & Recognition

These custom wall plaques, designed exclusively for the Baby Lifeline Maternity Unit Marvels Awards 2023, are the epitome of elegance and recognition. The plaques are designed in three distinct styles.

The first plaque presents a modern black design and was presented to regional winners. Striking gold accents sit against a dark background, printed with the winners’ details. The second plaque, with a serene blue tone, honours celebrated NHS Trusts commitments to safer maternity care, reflecting the trust and dedication inherent in their mission. Finally, the third plaque also features a matt black print, with an additional gold trim. It celebrates the unity and achievement of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust as the UK National Winner.

All three showcase variations of the BabyLife logo and personalised print for the winning Trusts, acting as lasting symbols of excellence and dedication. The durable aluminium construction promises longevity, while the UV printing ensures that the vibrant colours and crisp text remain intact over time. These custom plaques merge durability with a polished aesthetic, making them  sought-after pieces for any occasion that calls for a distinguished honour.

Custom Wall Plaques: Marking Healthcare Excellence

The Maternity Unit Marvels custom wall plaques represent a blend of prestige, durability, and thoughtful design, making them quintessential markers of exceptional performance and contributions to healthcare. Whether for an award ceremony or as a mark of gratitude, custom plaques by Gaudio stand as sophisticated and meaningful commemorations of outstanding commitment and service.

Honour Excellence With Tailored Custom Plaques

Designed and Manufactured in the UK


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