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Max Whitlock Cup

London Gymnastics’ Men’s London Open

Posted on: September 19, 2017

The London Men’s Open has taken place since the early 1900’s and the main cup that is presented each year by the Duke of Westminster is one of the oldest gymnastics cups to be challenged for in Great Britain. In 2016, it was decided that 2 of the titles that are competed for as part of the series would be re-branded in honour of 2 key figures in gymnastics and two new trophies created. The two new cups were to be the Whitlock Cup recognising the Under 14 category, and the Peter Moore Cup for the Under 18’s. Peter Moore is London Gymnastics’ President and has supported gymnastics in a multitude of ways over the years. Max Whitlock MBE is a four-time Westminster Cup winner, and double Olympic champion.

Sporting cups are an area of the trophy industry that tend to be either steeped in history, or right on the cutting edge, so it is always exciting to get the opportunity to create something new for the sporting world. Gaudio were thrilled to be invited to design and create the two new trophies for the London Gymnastics’ Men’s London Open Championships Series.

London Gymnastics were looking for modern designs, based around gymnastics, and worthy of the statute of the event and the people for whom these trophies had been named. They needed to be large and incorporate elements of the event branding and gymnastics imagery. For the Whitlock Cup they particularly wanted the design to represent Max Whitlock so something that used his initials was suggested. Both designs use CNC profiled aluminium to give the trophies weight and a contemporary look that will still stand the test of time. The final design for the Peter Moore Cup makes use of the striking imagery of the event branding, seamlessly blending gymnastic figures and the London skyline in the eye-catching brand colours. The Max Whitlock Cup forms the initials MW into two rings reminiscent of those used in gymnastic events in an overall strong, yet elegant, form that reflects the skill of the athlete. We love this sneak preview of the finished trophies from London Gymnastic.

The 107th Men’s London Open took place over two weekends in September. Congratulations to all the competitors and the winners.

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Pictured –
Above: Victor Yeo, winner of the Whitlock Cup, being presented the trophy by Max Whitlock MBE.
Below: Jamie Lewis, winner of the Peter Moore Cup, being presented the trophy by Peter Moore.


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