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3D Printed Trophies by Gaudio

Complex details, unusual shapes, and impressive designs; these are the hallmarks of a 3D printed trophy.

The ultimate in bespoke trophy design, 3D printers work a little bit like a desktop printer, but instead of using ink, they print with resin or biomaterial in a 3D space. At Gaudio, we design and manufacture 3D-printed trophies in-house. Our expert Account Managers, design team and craftspeople create unique custom trophies using 3D-printed components, for showstopping awards for every occasion.

To win an award is often the long-awaited recognition for individuals, teams and organisations after potentially years of work. Whether it’s dedication to a particular project, or best performance in a sports tournament after weeks of training, a 3D-printed trophy can encapsulate the hours of commitment and celebration of the result.

What do 3D Printed trophies look like?

From incorporating branded elements, to creating complex figures with fine detail, 3D printing is a highly flexible manufacturing method. It offers several different creative avenues for our in-house design team to create beautifully unique bespoke awards.

In some cases, the entire trophy may be created using 3D-printed resin or biomaterial. For other designs, we can use 3D printed components in addition to other materials, or use a 3D-printed shape to create a mould for casting processes.

A 3D printed trophy is finished in-house by our expert craftspeople, and can be painted, printed, and plated to add additional colour and detail. Gold 3D-printed trophies – like the Go One Better Award picture here – offer a shiny premium finish alongside fine details on a contemporary design.

To see some more examples of our sculpted and 3D-printed trophies such as 3d printed football trophies, view our full gallery HERE.

How do I order a 3D printed trophy?

While 3D printed trophies offer complex designs, he ordering process at Gaudio remains simple. From design to delivery, the in-house team is on hand to help.

To order a 3D Printed trophy, we follow these 5 steps:


Whether you’ve already got a 3D model, or a sketch on a lunchtime napkin, the design team work with you to see if a 3D printed trophy will fit your brief, brand, and budget. We’ll ask you about the materials you like, the quantity needed, and your event date.

Design and Quote

A 3D printed trophy is designed to meet your requirements. The team create a computer generated 3D render to go alongside your quote, so you get an idea of what your awards will look like before we start manufacture.>


Once you’re happy with the design, we’ll get started on manufacturing your 3D printed trophy. The design is printed from scratch at our workshop in Gloucestershire.


This is where we finalise any additional personalisation, like winners names.


Quality checked and tripled packed, your 3D trophies will make their way to you!

How much does it cost to 3D print a trophy?

So, how much does it cost to 3D print a trophy?

The cost of a 3D printed trophy varies depending on two main factors:

Design – The size of a design, designs that use mixed materials, and designs that require additional finishing are all elements that can all impact the cost of an award.

Quantity – We offer a price-break system, so the unit price of each trophy decreases on larger orders. For 3D-printed trophies, stock options are extremely cost effective.

Our Account Management team are on hand to discuss your requirements and provide ballpark figures. For dedicated designs and quotes, our free design service is available and you’ll see a computer-generated render of what your 3D-printed award will look like.

3D Printed Awards & Trophies – Get Ahead of your event

Gaudio is proud to be a trusted supplier to events industry; for over 15 years, the team have collaborated with major brands and industry leaders to create innovative bespoke awards. 3D-printed trophies are the next step in utilizing the latest in tech and design innovation.

3D-printed trophies can be designed to suit your brief, brand, and budget. To get started, press ‘Start Enquiry’ above, or contact a member of the tea via the link below.

3D-Printed Trophies

Get ahead of your next event with a free design and quote.


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