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Introducing the Gaudio Production Team: At Your Service

npower Football League Trophies
npower Football League Trophies


A job in the Gaudio Production Team is a job like no other! Because of the vast range of bespoke awards we produce for our clients no two days are the same. This requires a great deal of skill and flexibility, as well as a keen eye for detail. We pride ourselves on the quality of everything we ship, and all of our awards go through the same rigorous quality checks.


We are very lucky to have production under the same roof as our design, customer service and sales teams, resulting in a very tightly integrated process. Everybody takes immense pride in the work that we do, and it’s great to be able to see it go from brief, design and finally production within a short space of time.


If you have ordered from Gaudio before, or been lucky enough to win an award, you will be aware of our work, but you may not know about the people and processes involved in making your award. The varied nature of our products means that we need flexible machinery, skilled technicians and a great team ethic. Our production facility is more akin to Santa’s workshop than a production line, with completely different materials, processes and skills being used every day. Find out more about some of the key members of our production team:


Matt Macrow


Matt has climbed the production ladder over the last 4 years to become Production Manager. In that time Matt has become an expert in award manufacture, managing the production of our most famous awards including the Pride of Britain, Silver Clef and MasterChef Awards. He has a vast amount of knowledge on all the processes we use, as well as processes that we don’t have in-house but can subcontract.


Matt is one of our locally sourced talents, living just down the road in Tewkesbury. Before joining Gaudio, he studied Sports Science at Chester University before returning to Gloucestershire to work in manufacturing. He has a keen interest in fitness and fancies himself to replace Joe Hart as England number 1.



As Production Manager, Matt oversees all of our internal and external processes including waterjet cutting, cnc machining, casting, polishing, laser cutting, printing, engraving and assembly. When asked what he loved about his job, he said


“I take great pride in my job, especially when I see them on TV and I can say ‘I made that!’ We all realise how much work goes into every event, and how pivotal the award is to the show.”



Tom Webb


Since joining the company in 2010, Tom has seen a great deal of change at Gaudio. He has been heavily involved in the move from engraving to colour printing. Although he still gets his hands dirty with some sand engraving, he is now our printing expert. Gaudio led the industry to adopt full colour digital printing in 2010, and we have continued to innovate with newer machines and better technology.


“As well as being our print expert, Tom is extremely versatile and a very hard working member of the team”


commented Production Manager, Matt Macrow. Tom has been involved in the manufacture of some of the most iconic awards in the industry including the NextGen trophies, PokerStars and the nPower Football League Awards.




Adam Leeming


Adam is the newest member of the rapidly growing team, which is currently increasing at a rate of 1 new person every 6 months! Adam brings a fresh energy to the team as well some much needed organisation to our ever expanding stores.


Our increasing production schedule and constant drive to stay at the forefront of our industry has resulted in us investing in a new state-of-the-art CO2 laser. Adam has been tasked with developing the capability of the machine to make us more efficient, more flexible and increase our manufacturing capabilities.



When asked what Adam brings to the team, Matt replied


“Adam has all the qualities we look for in Production: a great eye for detail, pride in his job, and a great work ethic.”



David Walker


As head of our Polishing Unit, Dave is responsible for making your awards shiny! Dave joined Gaudio in 2012 and brought with him a wealth of experience in polishing, having previously worked in the Midlands polishing turbine blades for Rolls Royce to high precision. With Dave’s help our awards have never been shinier!



In the last 6 months Dave has also taken on training Alex to help with the increasing workload in the Polishing Unit. Dave is a big Manchester United fan (which means we have to outsource the polishing of our Arsenal and Chelsea awards!) and plays guitar in a band.



Alex Albrow


Alex became our first polishing apprentice earlier this year and his versatility means he is quite happy polishing or working in assembly, depending on where he is needed. Alex is a quick learner and shares the same work ethic as the rest of the Gaudio team.


Alex is also a keen guitar player and together with Dave makes up the Gaudio House Band. They can often be heard jamming together at lunch time, dreaming of when they will be winning the Silver Clef Award rather than polishing it!




The seasonal nature of our industry means we take on extra part-time and temporary staff during busy months as and when needed. Many more people are involved in taking our awards from design to solid object and they all share the same pride, care and dedication to the job, whether they are full time, temporary or involved in the supply chain.


The production team are ready and waiting to build high quality awards to your exact specification. If you would like to see what they can do for you, why not take advantage of our free design service. Call us on 01242 232 383 for more information.


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