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Introducing the Gaudio Design Team: At Your Service

Design Graphic
Design Graphic


As a design led company we understand the importance of great design. After all, the success of our business is determined by the quality of our bespoke designs. At Gaudio, we are so confident in the work of our designers that we offer a free design service, because we know that once you see what we can do for you, you won’t want to go anywhere else!


CAD Model
CAD Model


Our designers work tirelessly to refine the designs to your needs to ensure that you are getting the perfect award for your event. Our design service is free and fast. We aim to provide you with designs within 48 hours of receiving your brief. Not only is that industry-leading speed, but the quality is also unmatched. We work on the latest 2D and 3D software to make sure your artwork gives the best possible representation of the final thing, often cutting out the need for expensive prototypes.


If you have used Gaudio before, you will be aware of our work, but you might not know much about the designers who put it together. Both of our designers have degrees in Product Design and each bring their unique talents to the Gaudio Studio.



Stuart Sharples


Stuart heads up the studio with 4 years of experience in designing awards and trophies. Originally from the Lake District, Stuart moved to Birmingham to study Industrial Product Design at Aston University. Stuart worked on a range of projects at Aston, excelling in 3D CAD and innovative concept design, often with an eco-friendly edge. His dissertation project, EnergyMate (a wireless energy monitor), was showcased at the New Designers exhibition in London in 2008.


Since joining Gaudio in 2009, Stuart has designed some of our best known awards, including the Silver Clef Awards, Jill Dando Police Bravery Award, Football Extravaganza and the nPower Football League Trophies, as well as overseeing the redesigns of Masterchef, Pride of Britain, National Lottery Good Causes and Pokerstars.



Reflecting on the past 4 years Stuart commented “we have always had the attitude of treating every award like it’s the Oscars. Some of my favourite designs have been awards that will be largely unknown outside their industry, like the Screen Awards and Aviva Athletics Awards (above).”



Elliot Nunns


Elliot joined the studio in February 2012, and brought with him bags of enthusiasm and energy as well as fresh ideas to add to the mix. Elliot graduated the University of Lincoln with a 1st Class Honours degree in Product Design in 2011. During his time at University Elliot designed a wide range of products, with a particular focus on innovative furniture. His work was exhibited in Milan in 2011 and his flair for sketching and stunning 3D rendering soon caught our eye.


“Elliot quickly settled into the role and wasn’t fazed by the calibre of clients he was working with” commented Stuart (Studio Manager), “he immediately brought new skills to the team and has the same core ethics and enthusiasm as the rest of the Gaudio team.”



Elliot has already produced some of our favourite work, including the 2012 redesign of the British Travel Awards, the F1 Pitstop Awards, Arsenal Player of the Month trophies and the William Hill Greyhound Derby Awards.


“Ever since I joined Gaudio in 2012 I knew designing prestigious awards would be an amazing experience, there is never a day the same and with every event and client as unique as the last I can really go to town on the designs.”



Our design team are ready and waiting for your brief. If you would like to see what they can do for you, why not take advantage of our free design service. Call us on 01242 232 383 for more information.


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