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Incorporating Your Brand Into Custom Trophies for Maximum Impact

Find out how a bespoke award can make a lasting impact.

Where do we start with branded trophies?

For businesses of all shapes and sizes, ‘brand’ needs to answer some pretty big questions. What makes this brand successful? What does an excellent brand look like for our business? What will our brand do for our business?

They’re queries hotly debated and painstakingly dissected – and rightly so. The concept is about distinguishing and differentiating, just as much about what a brand isn’t, as what it is. A curated brand image is precious, and serves each organisation in achieving their wider business goals.

It takes a ton of work to establish a brand, so utilising it in a new medium – a custom trophy, for example – can lead to feelings of trepidation.

When it comes to events, keeping the brand sharp is the name of the game. Printed leaflets, table settings, stage graphics, social media. It’s all on the Event Manager’s To Do List, and it’s all got to be colour-matched.

But how do you ensure the branding at your award ceremony is seamless, not only for one day, but beyond? How can you ensure a completely bespoke piece is both new and creative, but also on-brand?

That’s where Gaudio steps in.

How do you make a banded trophy?

To make a branded award, the first step is to see a design from our in-house team. We work with your brief to create a 3D render of what your award will look like.

Creating a brief involves an exploration of what you’re celebrating, any designs you’ve been inspired by, and what makes your brand unique. It’s these brand assets that can help your award take shape.

Let’s start with the most obvious – if you’ve got a logo, we can use it to make something spectacular. There are lots of components in a logo – colours, shapes, fonts. Each of these individual elements are used as part of a design, and we’ll look at these in detail.

Beyond the logo, style is woven into the fabric of every brand, whether it’s the wording of an automated email, or the lighting in a product photoshoot. There are plenty of assets that give a brand personality, and it’s our job to capture that in the design of a bespoke award.

Each company is different, but there are often several ways to find brand assets:

  • Brand Guidelines – The reference book for all things brand! Guidelines explain the colours, shapes, spacing and more that make up the visual representation of a brand.
  • Website – What impact does your website have on your customers?
  • Social Media – How does your organisation engage with others on social media? Casual, informative?

Once your brief is prepared and we’ve established which elements of the brand we can use, it’s time to look at how each of these translate into manufacturing, and how they make an impact.

Manufacturing Custom Awards

So, how do we manufacture a branded custom trophy that’s impactful?

Gaudio is home to a mix of manufacturing tools, all utilised by our team of craftspeople. Some of these include:

  • Machining – High-quality materials such as aluminium, wood, and acrylic
  • 3D Printing – Intricate shapes and details for truly unique designs
  • Laser Cutting – For ultra precise profiles
  • Engraving – Giving each bespoke award those all-important personalised details
  • Printing – Colour-matched print to express a myriad of meanings
  • Finishing – Giving each surface a picture-perfect polish

With a huge range of manufacturing options, our design team are more than happy to hear about even your wildest ideas for a branded bespoke award.

What impact do custom trophies have?

A bespoke award, a physical representation of your brand, can really make an impact. It’s about the significance of the event, the importance of the accolade, and the place your brand has in recognising winners. An impactful branded custom trophy communicates a powerful message – not just with recipients, but in your wider industry.

Ultimately, a branded award can have far-reaching impacts:

Building Anticipation

A unique bespoke award to tease on social media, in newsletters and on your website in the run-up to the event is a tangible, exciting visual.

Authority in your Industry

Whether your event is well-established or up-and-coming, an impactful trophy can help make a statement. Carving out space in an industry goes hand-in-hand with brand recognition. An impactful trophy contributes to the image of your organisation as an authority in your industry, a distinct representation of the link between your brand and the awards. It communicates your expertise as hosts, and associates the brand with what is sure to be a highly sought after achievement.

Social Media Growth

A snap of a custom trophy is a fun picture opportunity for winners’ to share with their followers. Interesting and unique, a bespoke award is aspirational, and not something you see every day. An awawrd catches people’s eyes when they’re scrolling through their news feeds.

Long-Term Brand Building

After an event, graphics are removed, tables cleared and guests all go home, but custom trophies and plaques are crafted to be proudly displayed for many years to come. A bespoke trophy, and the association of your brand with a well-deserved accolade, contributes to valuable long-term brand building.

Examples of Branded Awards

The gallery has plenty of examples of how we’ve worked with everyone from local charities to global organisations to create unique custom trophies.

Our team are on hand to help you get started with branded trophies. If you’ve got an exciting idea, or no clue where to start, get in touch and our helpful team will guide you through the design and manufacture process.


Get Event Ready

The evolution of some of the worlds most recognisable brands comes from exploring new mediums. Those core features – colours, shapes, textures – are applied to new and impressive trophies as an impactful feature of award ceremonies, sporting events, and everything in between.

A branded trophy creates a unique intersection bewtween consistency and innovation, taking well-known brands and making an impact on recipients in new ways. Whether it’s emphasizing underutilized brand assets, or giving a tactile feel to the parts of your brand your customers know and trust, the impact of a branded trophy can be immense.

For unique bespoke trophy designs that help your brand grow, our in-house team are on hand to help. Enquire above and one of Gaudio’s dedicated Account Managers will be in touch to prepare for your next event.

Getting Event Ready?

Custom trophies, designed to suit your brief, brand, and budget.


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