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In Depth: Sculptured Awards

When thinking of bespoke awards, the first thing most people think of is a sculptured award. The Oscars, Brit Awards, Pride of Britain, Grammy’s and Bafta’s are all famous examples of sculptured trophies. These awards are typically very traditional and classic in design, although more contemporary designs are possible. Sculpted trophies are ideal if you are working with a large budget and need a prestigous trophy that reflects an organic shape, statue or 3D object, rather than a logo or event branding.


Pride of Britain Award
Pride of Britain Award


Our in-house design team can take your brief and turn it into a beautiful sculpted award, produced in resin, bronze, aluminium, wood or glass. If your award needs hand sculpting, our sculpter will create a clay model for you to sign off before we start manufacturing.



If you have an event coming up and would like to explore some options for sculpted awards, please contact our sales team


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