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Scottish Renewables Green Energy Awards

Gaudio Manufactures Scottish Green Energy Awards

Posted on: December 7, 2016

Gaudio has recently produced the Scottish Green Energy Awards for the third year in a row on behalf of Scottish Renewables.  Scottish Renewables represents its members to lead and inform the debate on how the growth of renewable energy can heat & power Scotland’s homes and businesses. The Scottish Green Energy Awards saw fourteen awards being given out at a ceremony which took place on the 1st December, with awards including, ‘Best Professional Services Award’, ‘Sustainable Scotland Award’ and ‘Champion of Renewables Award’ amongst others.

With a brief to evolve the design from last year and to reflect this year’s current branding, Gaudio’s design team could get to work to incorporate features from the new branding into the award design. The award consists of a 25mm thick aluminium block with a circular cut out section, in which a spherical orb is suspended.  Last year this was a shiny metal with no colour but the team wanted more colour in this year’s award, which has been reflected by the neon green orb in the current award. The headline sponsor’s name, EDF Energy Renewables, was engraved on the reverse of the award and the logo and this year’s current branding printed on the front.

Gaudio particularly enjoyed working on the Scottish Green Energy award as it’s so striking and attractive. For information about how Gaudio can design bespoke awards for your events please call us now on 01242 232383, email or fill in the ‘Contact’ page on our website,

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