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Posted on: October 20, 2011

At Gaudio, we produce awards, trophies and plaques for the biggest brands and events around the world, but you may not know that our design and manufacturing facilities are located in the UK. By keeping our design and manufacturing under one roof we can ensure that our high quality standards are maintained throughout the business. This also extends to our supply network, which is predominately UK and locally based.

UK Trophy Manufacturer
As one of the few trophy manufacturers in the UK we are in the unique position of being able to quickly turn around bespoke awards for our clients, which we would not be able to achieve if we were sub-contracting or manufacturing abroad.

Skilled Workforce, Latest Technology
The varied nature of the business means that we rely on a highly skilled workforce of designers and production staff and the very latest in manufacturing technology. We are always looking for new ways to innovate and have led the market in aluminium profiling, acrylics, digital printing and 3D Computer Aided Design.

Waterjet Cutting
We use the latest technology in waterjet cutting to profile our aluminium. This gives us great control and the ability to produce very complicated shapes to a highly accurate finish. Once the metal has been shaped we polish to a mirror finish or plate in a range of finishes and colours including silver, gold and chrome.

5-Axis CNC Machining
For more complicated 3D shapes we can machine the metal from solid. This is suitable for very large, contemporary and prestigious awards, or those of a more complex shape. The same polished or plated finish can be applied to complete the award.

Sculpting, Moulding and Casting
Very detailed or organic designs or those requiring a classical look may need sculpting from clay and then casting in resin or bronze. In this case a clay mould prototype would be produced for the client to sign off before manufacture begins.

Laser Cutting & Engraving
We have a range of lasers in-house for engraving and cutting. We can profile and engrave the huge range of Perspex acrylics available which we either use for detailing metal awards, or for producing awards entirely from acrylic. Our more powerful machines can engrave to minute detail on a range of metal surfaces.

Sand Engraving
Although we have a range of lasers for engraving the majority of awards and plaques, we also use hand-operated sand engraving for certain materials and surfaces. This combination of sand and laser engraving means we can engrave almost any material and surface.

Digital Printing
The latest additions to the Gaudio line-up are our digital printers. These machines allow us to print colour onto a range of surfaces including metal, wood, glass and acrylic. As these printers are digital, they allow us to print in full Pantone or CMYK colour including gradients and blends, meaning what you see on the artwork is what you will get!

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