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Freestanding Awards for Fremantle Business Awards 2019

Fremantle Business Awards
Fremantle Business Awards


This cohesive set of custom awards make for a stand-out display of the Fremantle logo.


These awards are crafted from solid aluminium, celebrating the successes of Fremantle media this year. United by a continuous print, these bespoke awards have a contemporary design with a unique flair.






Gaudio is home to in-house manufacture, allowing us to offer flexibility in design for our custom awards. Aluminium awards have a prestigious finish, and almost infinite design capabilities. The him Awards, the Belvoir! Awards and the awards have all featured column-based designs, each with their own personalised elements.


The freestanding form is a contemporary favourite, and easy to change year-on-year as a brand evolves. This year, Fremantle tasked our designers with creating a set of awards with each individual component contributing to the set as a whole.


The final design offers a connected set of awards, each customised with the award category and the recipient company. Print is cured with UV light for a hard-wearing finish, and personalisation comes at no extra cost.



The final awards are finished in-house with a brushed polish for a matte-effect surface. For one last finishing touch, acrylic caps add a pop of subtle colour. A simple, contemporary design with a big impact, the Fremantle Awards are perfect for presentation and an excellent example of the flexibility of print.



Contact us to find out how we can work with your brand, logo, or creative team to create custom trophies that are worth celebrating. Call us on 01242 232 383, email, or enquire with us online. One of our Project Managers will be in touch.


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