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FIA Rallycross goes Turbo with DiRT World Championship eSports Trophy

Dirt World Championships Award
Dirt World Championships Award


This weekend saw six finalists strap in for the Volkswagen DiRT World Championship at Silverstone. The best simulation racers in the world gathered to ‘be crowned the first ever Volkswagen R DiRT World Champion’, but the DiRT World Championship eSports Trophy could only go to one skilled racer. 

DiRT is the official game of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, because it’s more than just a way to pass the time. It’s an off-road racing simulator with a huge E-Sports and competitive gaming community. You can read more about the work Gaudio does with the FIA here.
From 20,000 competitors, only 6 finalists were in with a chance of winning. Not only would they receive the coveted World Champion title, but they’d also take home an award by Gaudio.

Gaudio Award in pole position with eSport Champion


Creating an eSports trophy was a new experience for Gaudio. The event had some undeniably cool branding, and an exciting logo. With this in mind, our designers could come up with some initial concepts.
After a weekend of brilliant racing, we’re delighted to have crowned @Joonaahg our very first Volkswagen R DiRT World Champion!

Here’s how it all happened at Speedmachine on Saturday >>>

— DiRT (@dirtgame) May 29, 2018



To emphasise the racing theme, the design is a simple circle, to resemble the wheel of the simulator. Crafted from high-quality metal alloy, the awards have a brushed finish. Brushed aluminium tends to show less marks than polished aluminium, so it was a great option for an event with lots of engagement on social media.

Inside the wheel, the shield logo gives the illusion that it’s floating off the base. Attached by the sides, the profiled aluminium is similarly finished. With our in-house production, we can print in detail. The UV-print is colour accurate and dries instantly, so the DiRT logo and shield print is crisp and clear.

There are two indicators of position on this set of awards. To demonstrate first, second and third place, we’ve used engraving plates, and a difference in size. The engraving plate has space for the sponsor details, and the position. Creating a set of three awards allows for some variation in the prize, and is an excellent way to reward more than just the winner.
First place went to Finnish teen Joona Pankkonen. Runner’s-up were Alejandro Aroca Garcia and Anders Robin Jonsson.

It’s never too early to get in touch. To find out more about the award or plaque Gaudio can create for you, call 01242 232 383. Alternatively, email or fill in the ‘contact‘ form on our website, and one of our Project Managers will be in touch to discuss your requirements.


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