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Celebrating Garden Greats with the GIMA Awards

Get a closer look at how we designed and manufactured these custom gardening supplier awards.

Green-Thumbed Gardening Industry Awards

Gardens play a vital part in many households; as a place to relax and socialise, a connection to nature, and as a space for activity. Green spaces of all shapes and sizes, whether that’s community spaces or a private garden, can make a huge difference to quality of life.

For GIMA members, providing high-quality options for consumers makes a difference in encouraging people to enjoy outdoor spaces.

GIMA, the Garden Industry Manufacturers Association, represents garden industry suppliers, providing valuable networking opportunities in an exciting and vibrant market. Established over 20 years ago, it aims to promote the commercial and trading interests of its members.

The GIMA Awards celebrate the product and marketing innovation of suppliers that help make these spaces special. An annual celebration of all things green-thumbed, these gardening industry awards recognise ‘excellences in new products, marketing and export achievements’. The awards cover 17 categories, including Plants, Seeds and Bulbs, Outdoor Leisure and Sustainable Consumer Packaging.

Designing A Trophy for Gardening Industry Awards

We design custom awards in-house at Gaudio – but how do we create a design from scratch?

The first step is to establish what elements we have to work with. This might be brand guidelines, a logo, or even a hand-drawn sketch on a takeaway napkin. However you work, our team are experts in interpreting and communicating design ideas.

For the GIMA Awards, we had a really good starting point. This included:

  • The GIMA Logo – A bold font that leaves nothing unspoken, clearly displaying the GIMA name and including the full tagline
  • The Leaf Motif – Representative of GIMA and the growth their organisation offers, the leaves motif says everything it needs to in a simple and compelling way
  • Colour – The GIMA logo and branding boasts a range of green hues, including a dynamic gradient seen across their website. Fresh and professional, this vibrant mix of colours is perfect for a network of gardening suppliers
  • Award Specific Branding – For these gardening industry awards, a special version of the logo featuring a rich purple-pink graphic accompanies the existing brand, offering a cohesive look while still standing out as part of this special occasion. The leaf icon completes the look in a new gold colour

Once we’ve established what parts of an event or brand are important to you for an award, the team gets to work in creating a tailored design.

A 'Blooming' Good Trophy!

The finished piece saw well-deserved winners presented with a custom designed acrylic award. Utilising every part of the existing GIMA branding, alongside the event branding and some contemporary design elements from the team, the result is an award any winner would be proud to receive.

The body of the award takes shape as a sturdy circle with a flat base, meaning the award is freestanding and offers a modern look and feel. Crafted using  solid white acrylic, it provides a bright canvas to display the eye-catching purple and pink colours seen in the event branding. The GIMA Awards logo is prominently displayed on the front of the award, contrasting against this vivid colour-matched print.

The leaf motif brings the stylised and organic element to the forefront of the award, recreated using a high-quality gold acrylic. Adding an additional layer to the trophy, this tactile element catches the light for a classic shine.

The award is compete with bespoke personalisation. In-house manufacture gives our production team the flexibility to individually customise each trophy with the category title and winning company name. Personalising a trophy does more than identify a winner; each award is a tangible representation of the hard work that goes into winning a gardening industry award.

The award is hand-assembled by our expert craftspeople, finishing with final quality control checks and cleaning.

Custom Awards, Made To Order

Combining the natural elements of the GIMA logo with the glitz and glam of a sparkling award ceremony made for an excellent brief. The result is an award that’s unique, with clear, bold elements alongside smooth curves and swirling patterns. A tailored design meant these gardening industry award were perfect for presentation at a luxurious gala dinner.

For more information about how we create custom awards tailored to your brief, brand and budget, get in touch with a member of the team.

Ready to celebrate with a custom award?

Bespoke trophies by Gaudio are tailored to suit your brief, brand and budget. Get in touch today.


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