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Building Better Custom Awards with Sustainable Materials

Posted on: September 10, 2021

Exclusive to the SITA Patent Awards, Gaudio have designed and manufactured a set of unique custom awards with a classic design.

For these awards, Gaudio were tasked with considering the environmental impact of the awards. Looking at consciously-sourced materials, we were able to create trophies with a smaller environmental footprint.


Helping companies with their efforts towards sustainability is a key component of many of our designs. Gaudio work with suppliers to source sustainable options that still allow us to offer the flexibility of bespoke manufacture. Integrating these options into our manufacturing processes means our team can create conscious awards without compromising on design. Making these options an easy choice can impact the overall eco-friendly credentials of an award in a big way.

Material sourcing isn’t the only aspect of custom manufacture to consider when making green choices. Our energy and environment policy outlines the practices we utilise at our office and production space. We consider the entirety of the bespoke process, including:

Recycled and Repurposed Materials

  • Recycled and part-recycled acrylic is becoming increasingly popular. Some of our designs contain repurposed materials, giving them a second lease of life.

Recyclable Materials

  • Gaudio is a zero-to-landfill company, and while every award we make is built to last, we’re happy to appropriately recycle awards.

Responsible Manufacturing

  • We endeavour to maintain energy saving practices in our manufacturing space, managing machine efficiency where possible.

Packing Methods

  • We explore recycled and recyclable packing options where available, and have developed our triple-layer packing method to prevent breakages in transit and avoid additional journeys.

The SITA Awards feature wooden components from responsible suppliers.


Wood lends itself to a traditional finish, and we’ve incorporated wooden components into a wide range of designs. From perpetual awards to contemporary trophies, rich tones contribute to a more classic look.

As focus shifts to consider sourcing, environmental impact, and corporate responsibility, we’ve helped a range of clients with their sustainability goals. We’ve featured a variety of custom wooden awards on the blog:

  • The Woodland Trust Leaf Your Office Awards went with a green theme for their eco-friendly trophy, choosing an entirely wooden award to minimise the impact on the environment.
  • Coca-Cola combined materials for a striking bespoke award, utilising their own bottlecaps for a unique custom feature through a recycled acrylic window.
  • The RHS Award showcases an intricate design, laser cut into a slice of responsibly-sourced wood.

Custom wooden awards showcase natural variations in the material, offering a new, raw dimension to a design.

Winners’ details are printed individually on each award, alongside colour-matched graphics. Print is a useful tool for customisation, and one we use in designs every day. While wood provides natural textures and rich tones, print gives branded elements the opportunity to stand out. In many cases, a logo, colour scheme, or the winners’ name is the awards’ defining feature.

Flexibility in bespoke design tailors production methods at every stage. If branding or categories change, or if winners aren’t decided until close-to or post-event, our team are on hand to organise the logistics.

The interlocking design is inspired by classic building bricks, in looks and function. The awards stack together like a traditional toy brick, and these trophies would look sophisticated on a shelf alongside other accolades or offer a fun addition to any desk.


Individually, each award stands as a distinct custom trophy. Together, each SITA Patent Award makes up one part of a cohesive set. Sets of awards unify winners, and their collective achievements, across the course of the year.

For events that take place annually, award design can remain consistent year-on-year, or our team can start from scratch with a fresh design for each event.

For traditional, hybrid, or virtual events, Gaudio is on hand to offer guidance and expertise. For bespoke awards that suit any brief, brand, and budget, call us on 01242 232 383, or email One of our Account Managers will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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