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The first ever awards took place on March 30th in the Round Room at the Mansion House in Dublin. is Ireland’s leading online price comparison and switching service, which is committed to finding customers the best utility and financial service deals, and streamlining the switching process. The inaugural awards was a black-tie event celebrating excellence in customer value and customer service.


Thirteen awards in total were handed out at the event, with categories including, ‘Best Value Current Account,’ ‘Best in Mortgage Protection Insurance,’ ‘Best Broadband Bundle’ and ‘Best Energy Deal,’ amongst others. The ‘Grand Prix’ award of ‘Best Consumer Business 2017’ was selected from the winners of the other twelve categories, and was won by Energia – an Irish electricity and gas supplier.


Gaudio was proud to manufacture the awards as they involved several different techniques, which really reflect our capabilities as a bespoke awards manufacturer. The award was made up of a gold-anodised square column, which was wrapped nearly all the way round with black acrylic, leaving a strip of gold visible. The acrylic was bent to fit tightly using Gaudio’s hot wire strip-heater. The acrylic was printed with the company logo, while the magnifying-glass detail of their logo was embellished at the top of the award in gold vinyl. The top of the award was engraved with the award category and winner’s details. The manufacture of these awards involved several processes, which is only possible with true bespoke awards; Gaudio prides itself on being able to bring to life most award ideas that we are asked for because of the bespoke nature of our business.


To find out how Gaudio can bring your award ideas to life and create truly bespoke awards that really reflect their event, please contact us now on 01242 232 383, email or fill in the ‘contact’ page on our website.


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