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Award Drawdowns

Coca Cola Oscas Awards
Coca Cola Oscas Awards


Gaudio has many customers for whom we keep their awards ‘in stock’ to be drawn down as required.  This has numerous benefits for the customer. These awards are often required frequently, as in the case of one particular customer whose award-winner is selected weekly. Their details are provided to us on a Wednesday so the awards can be printed, assembled and shipped on a one-day delivery ready to be presented during a live television programme aired on Saturdays. This is advantageous for the customer as the award winner is chosen on a weekly basis so needs a very quick turnaround time to ensure the award is ready to be handed out during the television programme. The awards are manufactured and held in stock ready for printing and assembly at the last minute.


Another advantage to customers is not having to dedicate space for the awards to be stored when Gaudio can provide this service free of charge.  Awards can be requested and shipped out to customers when they’re needed.  This also offers the advantage of economies of scale to customers, which is particularly useful if the design of the award is not going to change from event to event, as on a per-award basis the awards are cheaper to buy if more are produced at once, enabling Gaudio to make use of discounts in the bulk-order of materials as well as time savings in the set-up of printing and production machinery.


Gaudio offers this service free of charge to all our customers. To find out how our designers can create awards for your events, which are on brand, on brief and on budget please contact us now on 01242 232383, email or complete the contact form on our website.


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