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Acrylic Top Awards: Your Design Options

Asian Media Awards
Asian Media Awards


Gaudio have produced bespoke awards for over ten years, and the classic ‘top and base’ trophy design is one that’s passed the test of time. Acrylic awards in any form are a flexible place to start when it comes to bespoke design. Acrylic top awards offer a practical canvas for an award that looks beautiful on stage, in a trophy cabinet and in photographs.


Acrylic is a versatile, printable, cuttable material. This week we’ll cover four key design features that can make your acrylic-topped award unique.





Gaudio is home to in-house production and design facilities. The flexibility of having our resources all under one roof is extremely valuable to bespoke manufacture. When it comes to working with brands, our team are experts in engineering bespoke awards that work with brand guidelines. Profiling an acrylic-topped award is just one of the ways we can do this.


We use a laser-cutter on our acrylic. This process is done in-house, and laser-cutting leaves a smooth edge on the acrylic. Whether it’s an intricate, detailed cut or something more minimal, profiling acrylic offers up the durability required to make both look exceptional.


Many logos feature an abstract or broad profile to represent a brand or event. The Latam Awards aren’t designed to feature their logo, but rather the specific design on the tail of their planes. The overall shape is simple, but it’s a perfect tie-in with the company’s overall marketing strategy and brand application.



The Ever Clean Awards have a more literal approach. Laser-cutting means we can cut small details, including the intricacies of letters and numbers. We ask for logos and graphics to be provided in a vector format, which means we can cut precise fonts and shapes. This acrylic-topped award is faithful to the original logo; there’s no need to compromise on any element of your brand in bespoke manufacture.






Acrylic lends itself to layering. To add depth to a bespoke award without huge additional cost, layered acrylic can be a suitable solution.


The Cox Automotive Award is an example of simple and effective layering. Black acrylic is cut to outline the award, as well as provide detail for the ‘brain’ design. In this case, the award also features a reverse print for a tactile and engaging finish.



For another exceptional example of layering paired with print, look no further than the European Championship of Roulette Awards. The layered roulette wheel design makes for a fun, 3D-effect acrylic top.


Three custom trophies personalised with bespoke print, posed on a sunny balcony for the European Championship of Roulette Awards





Like all of these design features, while printing isn’t exclusive to acrylic-topped awards, it’s certainly effective when integrated into an acrylic-topped design. Amongst our in-house production facilities is a UV-printer. UV ink dries instantly, and while it prints similarly to a normal printer, it works on an array of unusual materials, including acrylic. The print is crisp and clear.


Print is utilised in a number of ways by our expert design team. Printed awards look clear in photographs, are hard-wearing for presentation events, and can be pantone-matched for your brand or event graphics to look their best once the award is home with its recipient.


The ITV VIP Awards are printed on black acrylic for stand-out contrast.



The TIGA Awards feature a gradient print on clear acrylic.






We endeavour to make personalisation easy. We don’t charge extra for individual personalisation for winners’ names or categories on our awards and plaques. For an acrylic-topped award, we can incorporate these details into the printed design.


Awards with an acrylic top can be easily scaled for presentation to multiple levels of achievement. The Malta Poker Festival awards were scaled for first, second and third place, and the design remained consistent across the set.



The European Championship of Roulette Awards had the same fundamental design with different coloured acrylic and tiered sizing to differentiate between the three.



If you’d like to get your enquiry started or have any questions about any of our services of manufacturing processes, you can call us on 01242 232 383. Alternatively, email, or enquire online here.


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