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5 Things We've Learned About Employee Recognition

Asendia Awards
Asendia Awards


Employee recognition is about more than a simple ‘well done’. It’s about finding the right way to reward employees that contribute the most they can.


Here are five things we’ve learned about what makes employee recognition the most rewarding method of communicating with your best and brightest.



1. Value


This one sounds obvious, but when an employee feels valued, the company reaps the benefit.


According to WorldAtWork, only 11% of organisations in their survey indicated that any form of recognition is embedded in their company culture. In the same report, 56% of individuals in senior management positions viewed employee retention programmes as an investment. Investing in employee recognition can improve overall retention, but this investment doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A recognition scheme is a small step to achieving better and more consistent results from employees.


You can present someone with something that directly recognises their effort and performance. The Asendia tablets, created by Gaudio, are a great example of this.


Asendia Awards
Asendia Awards


A simple tablet is an ideal piece to be placed in an office or on a desk, to remind employees that they make valuable contributions, whether it be for sales, networking, or an overall commitment to making every day their best.



2. Motivation


By investing in a physical award to recognise employee success, you’re doing more than reminding the workplace that results get rewards.  Awards can be displayed around the workplace or kept as a keepsake as a reminder that, as an employer, you recognise those that give all they’ve got to stay motivated.


Everything we create at Gaudio is bespoke, and we can make an award that is completely customised to include names, titles and achievements. It’s vital to recognise the individual and ensure they don’t lose their identity in the workplace. We offer a wide range of ways to make your recognition award unique, including printing, engraving, and acrylic detail.


According to OCTanner, personalised awards held value to employees 56% of the time, as opposed to cash, which employees value less than 50% of the time. By personalising your award, you demonstrate a level of interest in an employee’s involvement in success. Awards cultivate motivation by supporting existing sources, noticing employees that already do their utmost to sustain a positive and motivated approach.



3. Internal Marketing


Branding isn’t just important outside the company; a strong internal corporate identity is crucial. The Globoforce 2017 Report states that 61% of workers with no formal recognition programme aren’t aware of their organisations core values.


A recognition award can reinforce the internal branding of a company and promote your company values amongst employees. We worked with Appco to create a series of awards designed specifically to reflect their brand.


Appco Awards
Appco Awards


Drilling in the same monotonous do-well spiel at the end of every meeting isn’t the only way to promote an internal sense of corporate culture. A bespoke set of awards can reflect your brand and values, and celebrate employees that bring them to life.



4. Confidence


Recognising when individuals strive for excellence can foster confidence amongst your employees.


The value of peer-to-peer interactions cannot be underestimated, particularly when these interactions are influenced by the understanding of a colleagues achievements. Confident, recognised employees may be more likely to offer and ask for advice from their co-workers, turning to collaborative methods to solve problems and brainstorm ideas.


Something as simple as an appreciation or recognition award can influence a stronger, more thoughtful workforce. Recognition awards encourage employees to be confident in their abilities. By investing in a series of awards, employees know that achievement and success yields positive reuslts, both for themselves as an individual and between colleagues.



5. Digital Evolution


According to the AON 2017 Employee Engagement Report, fewer than 25% of employees consider themselves ‘highly engaged’ at work. Employers are increasingly looking for methods of engagement to better involve the people behind the products. Brands are encouraging employees to become part of online company culture. Digital marketing strategy is shifting; gone are the days of a faceless corporate giant, as employees actively contribute to online image.


An award for employee recognition is one more way to embolden employees to take a step into the online world. Providing something members of staff can post about on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook gets everyone involved in a positive public image. Devoting time to recognising employee achievements with appreciation awards can give you organic testimonials from your employees. AMA refer to the ‘Social Media Multiplier Effect’; employees encouraged to engage with social media actively ‘share the company’s story’. The workforce is engaged beyond the every-day, willing to share their successes, and the company successes, with the rest of the world.



If you’re ready to celebrate success, contact us at Gaudio on 01242 232 383, email us at, or fill in the ‘contact‘ form on our website, and one of our project managers will get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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