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3 Things to Check Before Your Virtual Award Ceremony

Virtual events are taking off in a big way, and the end of the year is set to see even more organisations move their award ceremonies online.

Gaudio is already providing a host of new and existing services to help virtual award ceremonies run smoothly. From improved shipping to additional promotional materials, our team is working safely to cater to the evolving landscape of the events industry.

The coming months will undoubtedly see a massive upswing in new and creative ways to engage with virtual events. We’ve seen the dawn of online quizzing, navigated the treacherous waters of virtual backgrounds, and been privy to the chaotic background machinations of unsupervised pets.

A physical award is just one way we’re seeing our clients utilise the traditional aspects of an award ceremony to suit a digital version of events. With delivery direct to recipients, it’s easier than ever to make sure your ceremony doesn’t turn into an online lecture. Closing the laptop lid doesn’t mean the end of the celebration. An award isn’t just a reminder of an evening well spent, but of an accolade well earned.

In this article, we’ll outline three key questions you may not have considered before ordering awards for a virtual event.

How will my awards be presented?

In person, your award ceremony announcements might have gone something like this: Category, nominees, winner, award handover.

Now? It’ll probably be similar – except the last part. The last part especially. There are no appropriate health and safety guidelines anywhere on earth that cover throwing a solid metal award at someone from 2 metres away, and it’s almost certainly best to keep it that way.

(Correction: As far as we’re aware, there are no appropriate health and safety guidelines.)

A presentation box is how we would suggest providing a little extra event-night magic to remote award ceremonies. They offer protection for the award when it’s stored or transported by the recipient, and the additional flourish of unboxing an award as part of a virtual event offers additional engagement to keep your audience entertained.

Do I need each award personalised?

Each award can be personalised with a recipient’s name as part of our bespoke service.

Colour print is one of our more versatile customisation options, and it means we can customise graphics, logos, and categories.

We’ve seen lots of changes in the way awards are being customised. From working-from-home specific categories for internal awards, to longer, more personalised messages on each trophy.

Whether your awarding a winning remote team for the Best Themed Team Zoom Background, or you’ve got additional categories to cover new and unprecedented responsibilities, you can make it bespoke.

Will I need to allow more time for my order?

This one’s fairly specific, because the answer is simply: yes.

We’re working to keep our colleagues safe, and this can mean some additional time is needed for certain manufacturing processes. With potentially multiple delivery addresses, you may wish to allow for ample shipping time as well, so every recipient is award-ready on the night.

If you’ve got questions about placing an order for a remote ceremony, or would like to see your own free bespoke award design, call us on 01242 232 383, contact us online, or email


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