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The MasterChef Award and Brief

MasterChef has been on our screens for over 30 years, with contestants cooking up a storm in the hopes of taking home the title. The show Is a staple in households across the world, and for the UK competition, Gaudio was asked to create a custom trophy that would stand the test of time. The MasterChef award is a trophy that’s instantly recognisable, with a premium finish and a timeless style.

This excellent brief stirred up some fresh ideas for our in-house designers. The MasterChef brand is one that’s universally recognised, and the trophy has seen many iterations over the years. Since 1990, MasterChef has put contestants through their paces to find the best amateur cook in the UK. The series has evolved to test not only the skills of amateur contenders, but seasoned professionals, and even returning champions.

The award needed to encapsulate a lifetime of hard work, creativity, and determination, and represent the momentous achievement of the winning recipient. Our team were tasked with creating an award with a classic and prestigious feel, while still embracing the fresh and contemporary aspects of the MasterChef show.


Adding flavour to a design comes in many forms. Combining the prestige of a classic silver trophy with the uncomplicated and clean lines of a contemporary bespoke award, the MasterChef design balances the shows legacy with it’s mix of innovation for the ultimate custom trophy.

One very distinct aspect of the MasterChef design is that [quintessential] logo. The ‘M’ shape unites all aspects of the show, from the opening credits to every apron, so it was only right to place it front and centre of this bespoke design. Its dynamic shape sits on a two-tiered base, adding distinguished height and shape, with space for engraving.

“We have worked closely with Gaudio for a number of years. They have provided exemplary customer service during this time, fulfilling a variety of orders efficiently and effectively. All of our orders with Gaudio are bespoke, and each trophy is cherished by those who are lucky enough to receive them.”

Producers of MasterChef


The MasterChef award begins life as a solid piece of aluminium, with no finishing, shape, or definition. Gaudio manufacture in-house, which means we cut and process material, as well as adding the all-important bits of personalisation that makes every award unique.

The award is initially handled by our engineer, who cuts the metal to give it it’s signature shape. After that, the award is polished, which is provides its eye-catching shine and a long-lasting, high-quality finish. The top of the MasterChef award slots into the tiered base with a secure fit. The award is carefully cleaned and given a final hand polish, before being securely packed and shipped in time for filming.

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The award

The final award has seen many variations; a Christmas-themed trophy for festive foodies, a glittering gold trophy for the champion of champions, and the unmistakable silver award at the heart of the show. The MasterChef award is the culmination of not only 8 weeks of intense competition, but a lifetime of simmering, sauteing, prepping and perfecting.

The MasterChef trophy is a fantastic example of how bespoke manufacture can create something with a simple, elegant finish, that borrows inspiration from classic trophies, while still putting the contemporary shape front and centre.

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