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The Coca-Cola Excellence Awards

There are few brands as iconic as Coca Cola. Whether it’s the fresh pop of new can, that swirl of bright red on silver, or a jolly smile from everyone’s favourite Christmas character, the Coca-Cola brand is more than just recognisable; it’s a classic.

The Brief

It’s been a privilege to work with Coca-Cola in the past, creating awards for a variety of briefs and requirements. Freestanding acrylic trophies, patinated copper sculptures, and solid aluminium awards with a polished finish. For these latest awards, Coca-Cola provided a concept and some clear requirements:

  • Consideration of the environmental impact
  • Incorporation of the Coca-Cola brand in a creative way
  • Winners’ names on each trophy

Every design at Gaudio is brought to life as a render before manufacture. A render is a computer-generated image, created by our design tea using cutting-edge software to give you an idea of what the award will look like. The Coca-Cola awards went through many design iterations, exploring other wooden trophy options. This included turned 3D awards, and different interpretations of the encapsulated design.

Designing Sustainable Awards

Gaudio has in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, and input from both teams can be infinitely valuable. Bespoke awards are visually stunning, but also hard-wearing and ready for even the most celebratory of award ceremonies. The material choices were particularly important for these awards, and these considerations took precedent at the design stage.

The final award demonstrates how dedicated design allows for unique bespoke elements to shine, and these custom wooden awards feature a recycled acrylic window showcasing real Coca-Cola bottlecaps.

Wooden trophies are growing increasingly popular, and Gaudio endeavour to utilise wooden components that are responsibly sourced. This includes working with suppliers that prioritise the protection of biological diversity, minimising waste, and the conservation of resources.

The Coca-Cola award also feature one of our most versatile materials – acrylic. The opportunity to use recycled acrylic in these awards meant there was no need to compromise on design to meet sustainability goals. This bespoke trophy features a recycled acrylic window, and a printed acrylic backing for an additional pop of bright red colour.

Celebrating Success with Unique Personalisation

Every award can do more than facilitate just one evening of celebration. A trophy encourages recipients to take ownership of their achievements and be proud to display them.

Custom wooden awards highlight beautiful natural variations in the wood grain and make a perfect canvas for engraved details. Each Coca-Cola award is engraved with individual winners’ names and category titles, ready for display to be admired by colleagues, clients, and customers.

The Final Product

Many things make up the complex picture of a brand. The logo is often what people think of when they hear ‘brand’, but there are lots of elements at work that function as symbols of a company and its products. The logo is one, but it might include a specific colour, a sound, a symbol or, in the case of Coca-Cola, an unmistakable bit of packaging.

For these environmentally conscious trophies, the historic silhouette of that classic glass bottle is transformed into a custom wooden award. Each one is engraved and made even more personal with a display of bottlecaps, adding to the organic feel and tactile nature of these iconic awards.

The Coca-Cola Awards combined an established brand with a fresh creative product, and there are few awards that better evidence the joy of bespoke design and manufacture.

If you’d like to explore custom awards, our Account Managers are on hand to answer your  questions. Enquire online below to find out more about our free, no obligation design and quote service.

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