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World Steak Challenge Awards Raise the Steaks at Gaudio

Posted on: July 5, 2018

The World Steak Challenge has returned and, with it, some well-done awards from Gaudio.

The challenge is ‘designed to benchmark the quality of beef production against other international competitors and establish a quality mark that everyone can trust’. The trophy is more than just a winners’ keepsake, it’s a display of excellence, and a measure of achievement in the industry.

Held over several weeks, the judging process examines each steak under internationally agreed criteria for both raw and cooked steaks. From aroma to consistency of the fat trim, the winning steaks are undoubtedly the best of the best.

Judges include Catherine Butler, who’s family butcher has been in operation since 1878, and Alan Franck, who returns to the judging panel for his fourth year.

The event called for a cohesive set of  awards to recognise all areas of excellence.

Awards that Raise the Steaks

The first of three awards is a freestanding acrylic tablet, for fifteen Gold winners. The clear tablet features a large, gold anodised badge, printed with the event logo. We do our printing in-house. The print is colour-matched and then dries instantly with UV-technology.

In addition are fifteen Silver winner’s tablets. Correspondingly, these smaller tablets feature a printed badge. The badge has a brushed finish, done at our in-house polishing facility.

Finally, the set also includes five category winner trophies. An FSC-certified wooden tablet is embellished with creative printing. The World Steak Challenge logo, as well as gold foil.

The World Steak Challenge awards aren’t rare – all the awards we create are well-done. Find out more about the award or plaque Gaudio can design and manufacture for you. Call us on 01242 232 383. Alternatively, email, or fill in the ‘contact‘ form on our website. One of our Project Managers will be in touch to discuss your requirements.


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