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European Championship of Roulette Trophy

European Championship of Roulette

Posted on: April 6, 2018

After the success of the inaugural event last year, the European Championship of Roulette has returned for a second time. Attendees have enjoyed a weekend of nail-biting tension, life-changing wins, and worthy celebration. Winner’s will receive a roulette trophy from Gaudio.

Up for grabs is a top prize of €50,000. The event sees over 200 players head to Malta, all with their eyes of the prize.

A Hot Number at Gaudio

At home in Tewkesbury, we joined the celebrations in our own way at Gaudio – by making a series of trophies for the event.

In keeping with the event, the winning trophies resemble a roulette wheel. Presented to bronze, silver and gold champions, the roulette wheel trophies increase in size.

European Championship of Roulette Trophy
European Championship of Roulette Trophy


The wheel itself is black acrylic, with a high-quality print to create the iconic black and red pattern. To distinguish between gold, silver and bronze, the corresponding awards have matching acrylic. In addition, the same colour acrylic features on the base, accompanying brushed aluminium. A simple feature, matching acrylic on a base contributes to the premium finish.

As well as printing on the acrylic, we can print on metal. This was ideal for these awards because the European Championship of Roulette logo is clearly visible on the base.

Side Events

Our designers can create a series of trophies. Awards that are part of a set, with distinct designs. This was a perfect solution for the side events at the European Championship of Roulette.

European Championship of Roulette Trophy
European Championship of Roulette Trophy


The same brushed base is home to printed details, and the metallic gold acrylic layer for consistency. The body of the award is made from sparkly gold acrylic with a black edge. This gives some variation, while still fitting the theme, and matching the other trophies.

Complimentary sets of awards are an instant hit. They embody the spirit of an event, without being monotonous. Having multiple designs is an exciting way to demonstrate the range of titles celebrated by an event.

Bespoke awards are a great option for events that have a recognisable theme. To find out more about the award or plaque Gaudio can design and manufacture for you, call us on 01242 232 383. Alternatively, email us at, or fill in the ‘contact‘ form on our website, and one of our Project Managers will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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