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Do awards make a good incentive?

Posted on: May 29, 2013

Awards and trophies have been used as an incentive for hundreds of years with evidence dating back to the 1600’s of trophies for sporting events. It’s hard to imagine an event without awards and trophies. What would happen at the end of the FA Cup final without a trophy? What would the Pride of Britain TV programme look like without the award giving? Although these are both high profile examples, the same can apply for industry awards and corporate incentives, the award becomes the visual and physical representation of the achievement of success.

In the case of corporate incentives, a well-designed and branded award can be the focal point of an incentive scheme to improve performance. Unlike a financial reward or a gift, a trophy can be engraved with a permanent reminder of the success of the individual, and it can sit proudly on the mantel piece to inspire. Incentive schemes can be used to:

• Reward effort
• Give recognition
• Drive sales
• Improve standards
• Build confidence
• Increase motivation

Companies are now looking for cheaper ways to recruit and retain staff and that is where incentive schemes and recognition schemes enter the arena. Companies now realise that individuals like to be rewarded in a variety of ways. Everybody is different, and some people are not particularly motivated by money.

Why not let Gaudio design a bespoke award for your corporate incentive scheme? We offer a free design service, industry leading customer service and high quality British manufacture. Our designers can create an award especially for your company scheme. Call us on 01242 232 383 to find out more.

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