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Column Award National Consumer Awards

Posted on: February 9, 2018

The second ever National Consumer Awards were held in Dublin last night, and finalists took to The Round Room at Mansion House to celebrate excellence in customer value.

What was particularly interesting about this design was the material specification – or, rather, the materials we couldn’t use. These trophies could have no acrylic, and no print, but were to remain black and gold, befitting of the award branding, with space for categories and winners’ details. is an Irish online comparison and switching service, for consumers to ‘take advantage of the best prices and services on offer from Irish suppliers’*.

The ceremony saw presenter Joe Duffy (RTÉ Radio) as host for the night, introducing fourteen awards to recognised consumer-facing organisations.

The Grand Prix winner this year went to Electric Ireland, who took home the top accolade of Best Consumer Business 2018.

Without acrylic or print, our designers were tasked with achieving the black and gold colour in a different way. Our solution was to use an anodising process.

A Pillar of Excellence

The final trophies stood as a set of suitably captivating corresponding pillars, with details engraved into the base.


Engraving onto anodised aluminium gave us a set of truly steamlined awards, with appropriately elegant details. The signature magnifying glass logo was cut into the top layer of aluminium, allowing for an extra glimpse of the contrasting metal beneath.


These pillars were an excellent solution for those that want the professional finish metal awards provide, while still opting for a colour scheme that fits the event branding.

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*To find out more about the National Consumer Awards, click here.

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